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Acoblament de tubs de ferro colat dúctil acanalat rígid

Lloc d'origen:Xina
Nom de Marca: 
Nombre de model: 
certificació:ISO CE
Quantitat mínima de comanda:1
Detalls d'empaquetatge:cartons with Packing Belt
Temps de lliurament:Per ser negociat
Condicions de pagament:transferència i carta de crèdit
Capacitat de la font:90 Tones / Tones al Mes

It is made by casting, and the sealing ring is inside. KRHD flexible clamp, also known as split expansion joint, is a product with reliable performance and easy installation for pipe connection. At low pressure, the purpose of sealing is achieved by the elastic deformation of the sealing ring; When the pressure increases, the medium acts on the sealing ring to play the role of self-sealing, and a gap is left in the middle to compensate for the displacement and deflection of the pipe due to thermal expansion and contraction.


 Character parameters for cast iron fittings grooved rigid coupling:
                                         mida                                         diàmetre exteriorthickness(m)                                         Pes (kg)                                         Longitud (mm)
DN50603.53.0133000 20 ±
DN75833.53.018.93000 20 ±
DN1001103.53.025.23000 20 ±
DN1251354.03.535.43000 20 ±
DN1501604.03.542.23000 20 ±
DN2002105.04.069.33000 20 ±
DN2502745.54.599.83000 20 ±
DN3003266.04.8129.73000 20 ±

1. It is fast without welding and re-galvanizing, and the installation speed is more than 3 times faster than that of flanged pipe fittings.

2. Simple, it is lighter than the flange, the locking mechanism is ingeniously designed, the number of bolts is small, and there is no need to lock holes.

3 Fiable

① The clamp, washer and pipe end groove are pressed in full circumference, and the pipe end tensile strength is high, the test pressure is up to 4.2MPa, the temperature is - 30 ℃~100 ℃, and the vacuum degree is up to 0.08MPa;

② The gasket is designed as type C, which can form triple leak-proof. The greater the pressure in the pipe, the better the sealing;

③ The gasket can be properly selected according to the fluid medium, pipe material and temperature.

4. Vibration isolation and absorption

① Because the gap at the end of the pipe can effectively isolate the transmission of noise and vibration, the pipe will not be affected during thermal expansion and contraction; ② The sealing gasket can also absorb noise and vibration.

5. It is economical, safe and convenient for the project budget, saving 20% of the total project cost compared with the flange connection, and the construction does not require power, oxygen, and open fire.

6. Zero pollution Since the installation of the original parts does not have the problems of welding slag and damage to the zinc coating and plastic coating, it can ensure that the pipeline is smooth. The connected pipeline, especially the fire sprinkler system, will not rust and block the equipment and sprinkler head in the pipeline due to other connections.

7. Less space

① The flange installation space is 3:2 larger than the clamp joint. ② The clamp joint and accessories can be installed first, and can be adjusted in any direction and angle, and the piping is optional.

8. The maintenance is convenient for disassembly, cleaning and replacement. Only two clamps and four bolts need to be removed to facilitate the extension, replacement and rotation direction of the pipeline. Uniform wear.

9. Complete piping

avantatge competitiu

Característiques i més informació sobre els acoblaments rígids ranurats:

Superfície llisa, alta densitat, alta resistència, pes lleuger, disseny raonable en estructura, àmpliament utilitzat per a edificis alts i sistemes de protecció del medi ambient, recobriment resistent a la corrosió per a cada peça dels accessoris.

Estàndard: complir amb DIN/EN877/ISO6594.

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